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Self-Care and Promotion of Patient’s Health in Chemotherapy: Contribution to the Practice of Nurses

Anjos Frade, Manuel Lopes, Ana F. Ramos, César Fonseca


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Cancer is a major cause of mortality in all age groups and is now considered a chronic disease that is treatable in many situations, especially when diagnosed early. It continues to be a stigmatized disease, full of mysteries. Cancer originates a rupture in the habitual way of life and the beginning of a state of a crisis. If we consider that the diagnosis of cancer can be a situation of chaos for the patient, chemotherapy therapy can exacerbate all bad feelings and cause a physical fragility.


in Journal of Palliative Care and Nursing. January 19, 2017.


Anjos Frade, Manuel Lopes, Ana F. Ramos, César Fonseca.