Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

Healthcare Computer Reasoning Addressing Chronically Ill Societies Using IoT: Deep Learning AI to the Rescue of Home-Based Healthcare

David Mendes, Manuel Lopes, Artur Romão, Irene Pimenta Rodrigues


Extensão da Platform for Multidimensional Integrated Assessment.


The authors present a proposal to develop intelligent assisted living environments for home based healthcare. These environments unite the chronical patient clinical history sematic representation with the ability of monitoring the living conditions and events recurring to a fully managed Semantic Web of Things (SWoT). Several levels of acquired knowledge and the case based reasoning that is possible by knowledge representation of the health-disease history and acquisition of the scientific evidence will deliver, through various voice based natural interfaces, the adequate support systems for disease auto management but prominently by activating the less differentiated caregiver for any specific need. With these capabilities at hand, home based healthcare providing becomes a viable possibility reducing the institutionalization needs. The resulting integrated healthcare framework will provide significant savings while improving the generality of health and satisfaction indicators.

in Design, Development, and Integration of Reliable Electronic Healthcare Platforms. pp 17. February, 2017.


David Mendes, Manuel Lopes, Artur Romão, Irene Pimenta Rodrigues.