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Functional Defict and Sensitive Outcomes to Nursing Care for Elderly: Systematic Literature Review

César Fonseca, Manuel Lopes, Silvana Santos


Diagnóstico prospetivo da funcionalidade e das necessidades de cuidados de saúde e sociais dos idosos no domicílio.


Objective of this study was to determine sensitive outcomes to nursing care in relation to the functional deficit of people aged 65 and older. It is a Systematic Literature Review with qualitative synthesis and meta-analysis. From the qualitative synthesis, it was found that sensitive outcomes to nursing care, observed from structured intervention, were described as improvement of: functional status, self-care, symptom control, safety/adverse events, customer satisfaction, psychological support, decreased healthcare costs, therapeutic system management and quality of life. In meta-analysis we found that there is an improvement of effect on the level of sensitive outcomes to the nursing care between the experimental and control groups. It is noticed that it is necessary to rouse more guided study in clinical practice, to understand the importance of interventions sensitive to nursing care and health outcomes.

in Journal of Nursing and Socioenvironmental Health. Vol. 1, Issue 02, pp.213-220, October 29, 2014.


César Fonseca, Manuel Lopes, Silvana Santos.


Elderly; International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health; Health Status Indicators; Nursing.