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Control of Pain and Dyspnea in Non-Pharmacological Interventions: Patients with Oncologic Disease in Acute Care

César Fonseca, Ana Ramos, Manuel Lopes, Felismina Mendes, Pedro Parreira


Estudo das plataformas de desenvolvimento. Modelo operacional de cuidados a idosos no domicílio. Modelo de formação para cuidadores de idosos no domicílio.


To identify non-pharmacological strategies in the control of pain and dyspnea, in patient with oncological disease, in acute care. The gold standard to an adequate symptom control is a systematized assessment. Non-pharmacological measures: psycho-emotional support, hypnosis, counseling/ training/ instruction, therapeutic adherence, music therapy, massage, relaxation techniques, telephone support, functional and respiratory re-education increase health gains. The control of oncologic pain and dyspnea require a comprehensive and multimodal approach.

in Journal of Cancer Science & Theraphy. Vol. 09, pp.319-320, September, 2017.


César Fonseca, Ana Ramos, Manuel Lopes, Felismina Mendes, Pedro Parreira.


Oncologic pain; Dyspnea; Nursing interventions; Acute care.